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This is all blabber to help our copywriter.
how we got this idea and what it'll do

Matt and Andy entered St. Louis with high expectations of how God was use them in this new step in their lives: life after college.The first logical step is to plug into a church. We opened the yellow pages to find a church to attend our first Sunday morning. Woo-my-gosh, 10 solid pages of churches to choose from. As many people,  you and I have experienced that finding a church that fits you  can take a long time. So we thought we'd speed up the process and help you get connected with God at a community level, sooner. Matt's a progammer and Andy's a designer, suprisingly good combo for both roommates and an internet startup. We decided to grab the talents of other friends for photography, copywriting and regional reps.

Search will provide you with an easy way to match yourself with churches that meet your criteria.
Feature will be featured church or pastor.
Comments will be a place for people comment on the churches they've attended or somesuch.

Contact Andy at aroscoe@mac.com for any questions, pointers, how to join your church to our list, or how to become a regional rep in your city.

other Andy-projects

We are aspiring to be helpful, useful, friendly, personable, and excited. We will also need a letter to send to churches. Connect people with churches and churches with inexpensive internet services- websites and other needs-design, photography, writing, programming.

More information

design & St. Louis- Andy Roscoe, database-Matt McConnell, programming-Lisa Muldoon, photography-Jennifer May, copywriting- Jannie Williamson, Springfield Mo-David Roscoe, Kansas City-Gary Davidson, Phoenix-Tricia Roscoe