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AndyAthlete.jpgAthlete CD is a new way for high school athletes to get recruited by colleges.

Have you invested thousands of dollars in your child playing select sports? Make sure your investment pays dividends! Athlete CD allows for your child's skills to be presented in the best light to colleges.

Don't be like the thousands of other college hopefuls sending in bulky VHS tapes and a stacks of papers to college recruiters.

Blow them away with all of your video and information on one professionally packaged, interactive CD!

Features include video skills, contact information, statistics, easy to email references, cover letter, awards, and more!

College tuitions continue to increase as do the competition & need for scholarships. With the huge competion for athletic scholarships, university athletic departments are scouting less and less. They are expecting your stats and video organized and in their hand.

Athlete CD is the most efficient and presentable method available!

Athlete CD isn't even limited to athletes. The format is also ideal for musicians, theater, debate, and more!