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Sorry folks, but after a couple members of the band graduated and got real jobs, we've had to part ways. Jeremy is a history teacher in Springfield, MO and married to Aubra, who is doing photography around the world for the Assemblies of God missions. Nick has graduated and married and is currently a ministring to the campus of Oklahoma State in Stillwater, of course. Chris has moved out to Colorado Springs and is jamming with the great new band Calling Cedar. Brian is a youth pastor and drummer at James River Assembly in Springfield. Andy Whaley is married and working with advertising still in Springfield. Rusty is married and doing ministry out in Cali. And Andy Roscoe is starting his own graphic design firm in St. Louis. We have some very cool photos from our Last Concert of the Incas.

We may have parted ways, but the CD still works and it still kicks! We've still have CDs to sell, now only $10 (includes shipping). Send a check or money order to Jeremy George, 4165 N. Link Ave, Springfield, MO 65803. More contact info.

Jam Pot is also featured in TrueTunesNow Value Pak! Four albums for $30.

We are now nationally distributed by Landmark Distribution. Please request us at your local christian bookstore.

True Tunes apparently decided not to renew our website, so here we are now with Rubber Spider Creative. Sorry if any links got jumbled in the move.

new address: Jeremy George, 4165 N. Link Ave, Springfield, MO 65803

Jeremy has completed his powerful, life-freeing thesis on Humanity vs. Spirit.

Still Water Rhythm is all about relationships. Email us and let us know what you think and feel, or if you need directions  swr@rubberspider.com

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